About Us

The Pirate Classic is a Car show that is put on annually to help raise funds for scholarships and provide resources at the local high school as well as a local charity. To date we have been able to provide $14,100.00 in scholarships, support to academic groups by donating $3,600.00, and $2,800 to local charities, including K-9 equipment for the Clark County Correction Department. This year is the year a couple of our first-round senior recipients will be graduating. This includes a registered nurse and a law enforcement officer. We are so proud of them and continue to cheer on those still pursuing their degrees.  It takes a lot of hard work, but the sky is the limit!

Our Mission Statement

“At the Broughton Family Classic, our mission is serving our community by assisting with the financial needs of students seeking higher education in our community, providing the academic groups additional funding to further educate students, and investing in local charities.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to give back and provide support to the students and the school that have helped make our community so successful. We want to invest in the future students and academic groups and continue to encourage furthering education. We strive to increase the funding given back each year and have the goal of adding at least 1 additional scholarship each year.”

Our Values

“We pride ourselves on the hard work and dedication that each member, volunteer, and sponsor put into the Pirate Classic Car Show each year. The opportunities the car show continues to provide for the students, academic groups, and community would not be possible without the help and sponsorships and everyone on our team. We value being just a small part of the growth and future of each student we can impact.”